miercuri, 18 februarie 2009

Răspuns politicos

Pentru cititorii de limbă engleză şi de istorie sinistră, redau mai jos un răspuns pe care l-am primit acum doi ani, la o reacţie amară şi ironică pe care o postasem pe situl Enciclopediei Catolice New Advent, în urma citirii articolului despre Inchiziţie:

Thank you for contacting New Advent. The following message has been forwarded to the webmaster:
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Sunday February 18, 2007 1:49:28
NAME: Florin Laiu
SUBJECT: I love New Advent

MESSAGE: "Thank you so much for the illuminating entry on the Inquisition, that tries to justify the principles and means of suppressing heterodoxy by force. It teaches me that the Roman Church did not change "and according to the Scripture, it will never change", in spite of some papal apologies (probably not "ex cathedra"!). O, sublime Catholic religion of love! Certainly God must provide some day a final judgement for HERESY ! And guess who is to be the arch-heretic to be judged: Lady Witch."

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